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The new normal for church life

As COVID-19 restrictions loosen and gathering becomes possible again, what changes should we expect, and when? The short answer is: we don't know, but the elders have been contemplating some likely scenarios, and developing some loose plans. One guiding principle is to consider not only the legality of various options, but also the practicality in light of health and safety advice. Another is flexibility: we want to plan and prepare for the future, but we need to have loose plans that can be tweaked or even scrapped as new information comes to light. We also want to communicate well, keeping our members in the loop about what we've decided and why. We hope the following document will help with that.

UPDATED: 1st September 2020


Restrictions on gatherings

On May 8, Australia's Prime Minister outlined a national three stage plan for loosening these restrictions. Each state has discretion over how it defines and when it implements each stage. Tasmania is currently in stage three, which limits gatherings to 250 people including kids. This makes meeting in person both possible and feasible, though it will look and feel different as we adopt a range of measures to reduce the risk of transmission. (For more information on restrictions and coronavirus visit:

When will gatherings/services resume at 25 Tasma St?

Our gatherings have resumed. We have plans in place to ensure we comply with all CoVid-19 safety precautions.

How will the gatherings work?

  • At 4pm we aim for a 45-50 minute gathering. This is so we can clean and get ready for 6pm church.

  • At 6pm we aim for a 45-60min gathering.

  • After the service finishes people chat for 10 -15 min.

How will Crossroads Kids & Creche Work?

  • Kids and Adults will be separate for the duration of the service.
  • 'Stop Drop and Go' in the foyer - sign in your kids in the foyer before church.

  • 'Stop, pick-up and Go' in the foyer - sign out your kids in the foyer after church.

Do I need to book a ticket?

  • No. Just come along at 4pm or 6pm.

When can growth groups and XYZ meet face-to-face again?

From term three, our youth group (XYZ) and most growth groups will start meeting in person again, though some will remain on Zoom. Zoom might also come in handy if the members of a group have coughs and colds that mean they can't meet in person, particularly over winter.

Will the liveStream contine?

Yes - At some point we'll finish the livestream for general viewing and limit it to those unable to attend church for specific reasons, such as poor health.

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