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This is Crossroads' sermon archives. More sermons will be added as we migrate across from our old platform.

TitleSeriesBible Passage(s)SpeakerDate Preached
People Changed by Jesus 3Crossroads Vision Series 20221 Thessalonians 1:1–10Dan Shepheard2022-09-25
People Changed by Jesus 2Crossroads Vision Series 20221 Peter 2:24Mike Hall2022-09-18
Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners...Crossroads Vision Series 20221 Timothy 1:12–17Dan Shepheard2022-09-11
People Changed by Jesus 1Crossroads Vision Series 2022Luke 23:32–43Mike Hall2022-09-04
Following JesusMatthewMatthew 8:18–27Dan Shepheard2022-08-28
Jesus: The Real DealMatthewMatthew 8:1–17Dan Shepheard2022-08-21
The King is Crucial2 Samuel2 Samuel 24:1–17Dan Shepheard2022-08-14
2 Samuel 23:8-172 Samuel2 Samuel 23:8-17Dan Shepheard2022-08-07
Joel 2Guest SpeakersJoel 2Mikey Lynch2022-07-31
Philippians 1:27–2:4PhilippiansPhilippians 1:27–2:4Kyle Fifield2022-07-24
John 12JohnJohn 12:20-33Dan Shepheard2022-07-03
Kids Service 2022Guest Speakers1 Corinthians 12:12–20Mike Hall2022-06-26
1 Kings 12:1–13Guest Speakers1 Kings 12:1–13Marty Hughes2022-06-19
2 Samuel 23:1-72 Samuel2 Samuel 23:1-7Dan Shepheard2022-06-12
2 Samuel 22:1-202 Samuel2 Samual 22:1-20Dan Shepheard2022-06-05
2 Samuel 21:15-222 Samuel2 Samuel 21:15-22Dan Shepheard2022-05-29
2 Samuel 212 Samuel2 Samuel 21:1-14Dan Shepheard2022-05-22
2 Samuel 202 Samuel2 Samuel 20Dan Shepheard2022-05-15
2 Samuel 192 Samuel2 Samuel 19:1-8Dan Shepheard2022-05-08
Psalm 87Guest SpeakersPsalm 87Tyson Ware2022-05-01
After EasterEaster 2022Acts 1:1-11Dan Shepheard2022-04-24
Good Friday 2022Easter 2022Luke 22:39–46Dan Shepheard2022-04-15
Judges 17-21JudgesJudges 17:1–6Dan Shepheard2022-04-10
SamsonJudgesJudges 13-16Mike Hall2022-04-03
Judges 10-12JudgesJudges 11:1-11Dan Shepheard2022-03-27
Judges 6-7JudgesJudges 7:1-15Dan Shepheard2022-03-20
The Book Of Judges - EhudJudgesJudges 3:12-30Mike Hall2022-03-13
Judges 4JudgesJudges 4:1-14Dan Shepheard2022-03-06
Saved. Growing. Engaged. - SavedSaved, Growing and EngagedRomans 10:10-17Marty Hughes2022-02-27
The Way of The Servant KingMarkMark 9:1-10Marty Hughes2022-02-20
JudgesJudgesJudges 2:1-23Mike Hall2022-02-13
Who Jesus IsMarkMark 10:32-52Dan Shepheard2022-02-06
Mark's GospelThe Jesus I Never KnewMark 9:38-10:16Dan Shepheard2022-01-30
Mark 9:30-37MarkMark 9:30-37Mike Hall2022-01-23
Mark 9:1–8MarkMark 9:1–8Mike Hall2022-01-16
The Beginnings of a Christian Environmental EthicChristian EthicsGenesis 1:26–2:3, Genesis 2:15, Colossians 1:15–20Kyle Fifield2022-01-09
Eldership QualitiesNo seriesActs 20:25-35Dan Shepheard2022-01-02
(Un)learning about JesusMarkMark 8:22-33Dan Shepheard2021-12-05
See and BelieveThe Jesus I Never KnewMark 8:10–21Dan Shepheard2021-11-28
Heart, Not HandsThe Jesus I Never KnewMark 7:1-23Dan Shepheard2021-11-21
(Un) Believing in JesusThe Jesus I Never KnewMark 6:1-6, 45-62Dan Shepheard2021-11-14
Mark 4:1-34The Jesus I Never KnewMark 4:1-34Mike Hall2021-11-07
The Jesus You Never KnewThe Jesus I Never KnewMark 2:1-3:6Mike Hall2021-10-31
Jesus CallingThe Jesus I Never KnewMark 1:16-20, Mark 2:13-17Dan Shepheard2021-10-24
How the Gospel BeginsThe Jesus I Never KnewMark 1:1-13Dan Shepheard2021-10-10
Who Should Do Mission?Guest SpeakersMatthew 28Wil Longbottom2021-09-26
All Things in Heaven & Earth - Final SermonCrossroads Vision Series 2021Ephesians 1:9Dan Shepheard2021-09-19
All Things in Heaven & Earth - A Plan FullfilledCrossroads Vision Series 2021Ephesians 1:8-9Mike Hall2021-09-12
All Things in Heaven & EarthCrosswordsEphesians 1:3-10Mike Hall2021-08-29
The Leader We NeedSamuel2 Samuel 19:1–8Dan Shepheard2021-08-22
When Justice and Mercy Can't MeetSamuel2 Samuel 18:1–33Dan Shepheard2021-08-15
God's DeterminationSamuel2 Samuel 17:1-23Dan Shepheard2021-08-08
Faith and SacrificeSamuel2 Samuel 16:1-14Dan Shepheard2021-08-01
Suffering With The LordSamuel2 Samuel 15:13-37Dan Shepheard2021-07-25
Waiting for the Kingdom of GodGuest Speakers1 Chronicles 28:19–29:1Sam Green2021-07-18
We are back where we belongGuest SpeakersChronicles 1Sam Green2021-07-11
Joy in TrialsGuest SpeakersJames 1:1-8Qinyi He2021-07-04
Cross-Shaped MoneyGuest SpeakersProverbs 11:24–28Marty Hughes2021-06-27
The Arm of the LordNo Compromise - IsaiahIsaiah 52:13-53-12Dan Shepheard2021-06-20
Mission in IsaiahNo Compromise - IsaiahIsaiah 49:1–13Dan Shepheard2021-06-13
Isaiah 40:1-11No Compromise - IsaiahIsaiah 40:1-11Mike Hall2021-06-06
Remnant in IsaiahNo Compromise - IsaiahIsaiahMike Hall2021-05-30
What gets you out of bed?No Compromise - IsaiahIsaiah 6:1-13Mike Hall2021-05-23
Going Gladly to GodNo Compromise - IsaiahIsaiah 2:1-5Dan Shepheard2021-05-16
Useless ReligionNo Compromise - IsaiahIsaiah 1Dan Shepheard2021-05-09
The Holy OneNo Compromise - IsaiahIsaiah 6:1-7Dan Shepheard2021-05-02
Treasure's of God's GraceGuest Speakers2 Corinthians 3:1–18Luke H2021-04-25
Esther 3-4Guest SpeakersEsther 3-4Pieter Tuit2021-04-18
Romans 12Guest SpeakersRomans 12Aaron Johnstone2021-04-11
Good Friday 2021Easter 2021Psalm 109:26–31Dan Shepheard2021-04-02
Palm Sunday: HumilityEaster 2021Matthew 21:1–11Dan Shepheard2021-03-28
Galatians 4:21–5:1Galatians - Legit GospelGalatians 4:21–5:1Mike Hall2021-03-21
Grace or MeritGalatians - Legit GospelGalatians 5:2-12Dan Shepheard2021-03-14
Gospel RelationshipsGalatians - Legit GospelGalatians 4:8-20Mike Hall2021-03-07
Sons, children and heirsGalatians - Legit GospelGalatians 3:15–4:7Dan Shepheard2021-02-28
Galatians 3:1–14Galatians - Legit GospelGalatians 3:1–14Dan Shepheard2021-02-21
Galatians 2:11-21Galatians - Legit Gospel Galatians 2:11-21Mike Hall2021-02-14
Galatians 1:1–2:10Galatians - Legit GospelGalatians 1:1–2:10Mike Hall2021-02-07
1 Thessalonians 2:17–3:13Summer 20211 Thessalonians 2:17–3:13Luke H2021-01-31
John 13:1–17Summer 2021John 13:1–17Marty Hughes2021-01-24
Philippians 2:1–18Summer 2021Philippians 2:1–18Aaron Johnstone2021-01-17
Philippians 1:3-18Summer 2021Philippians 1:3-18Suraj Nepali2021-01-10
Luke 15:11-32Summer 2021Luke 15:11-32Mikey Lynch2021-01-03
Grace, Love and FellowshipA Weary World Rejoices2 Corinthians 13:11-14Dan Shepheard2020-12-27
A Weary World Rejoices 3A Weary World RejoicesRomans 8:18-39Mike Hall2020-12-20
A Weary World Rejoices 2A Weary World RejoicesRomans 7:14–25Mike Hall2020-12-13
A Weary World RejoicesA Weary World RejoicesJohn 4:1–26Dan Shepheard2020-12-06
Amos 3AmosAmos 3Dan Shepheard2020-08-02
Amos 1AmosAmos 1Mike Hall2020-07-26
Acts 6:8-15ActsActs 6:8-15Luke H2020-07-19
Acts 6:1-7ActsActs 6:1-7Luke H2020-07-12
Psalm 72No seriesPsalm 72Dan Shepheard2020-07-05
Ecclesiastes 4No seriesEcclesiastes 4Mikey Lynch2020-06-28
1 Thessalonians 5:12-281 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 5:12-28Mike Hall2020-06-21
1 Thessalonians 5:1-111 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 5:1-11Mike Hall2020-06-14
1 Thessalonians 4:13-181 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Dan Shepheard2020-06-07
1 Thessalonians 4:1-121 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 4:1-12Mike Hall2020-05-31
1 Thessalonians 3:6-131 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 3:6-13Dan Shepheard2020-05-24
1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:51 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:5Mike Hall2020-05-17
1 Thessalonians 2:1-131 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 2:1-13Dan Shepheard2020-05-10
1 Thessalonians 1:1-101 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 1:1-10Dan Shepheard2020-05-03
Colossians 3:1-17No seriesColossians 3:1-17Pieter Tuit2020-04-26
Romans 5:1-6No seriesRomans 5:1-6Pieter Tuit2020-04-19
Matthew 27:32-56No seriesMatthew 27:32-56Dan Shepheard2020-04-10
1 Peter 1:13-211 Peter1 Peter 1:13-21Dan Shepheard2020-04-05
1 Peter 1:22-2:31 Peter1 Peter 1:22-2:3Mike Hall2020-03-29
1 Peter 1:1-91 Peter1 Peter 1:1-9Dan Shepheard2020-03-22
Joshua 9JoshuaJoshua 9Dan Shepheard2020-03-15
Anger and Covenant No seriesJoshua 7:1–26Dan Shepheard2020-03-08
Joshua 3:1-5:12No seriesJoshua 3:1-5:12Mike Hall2020-02-23
Making His Word More SureNo seriesJoshua 2:1–24Dan Shepheard2020-02-16
Joshua 1JoshuaJoshua 1Dan Shepheard2020-02-09
Ecclesiastes 3No seriesEcclesiastes 3Aaron Johnstone2020-02-02
Isaiah 11No seriesIsaiah 9,10,11,12Mikey Lynch2020-01-26
Isaiah 6No seriesIsaiah 6Mikey Lynch2020-01-19
1 John 2:1-8No series1 John 2:1-8Dan Shepheard2019-12-29
The Light of The WorldNo seriesJohn 1:1–18Mike Hall2019-12-22
In The LightNo seriesJohn 12:35–46Dan Shepheard2019-12-08
Matthew 9:1-17MatthewMatthew 9:1-17Dan Shepheard2019-11-17
Matthew 8:28-34MatthewMatthew 8:28-34Dan Shepheard2019-11-10
Matthew 8:18-27MatthewMatthew 8:18-27Dan Shepheard2019-11-03
Acts 5:17-42No seriesActs 5:17-42Luke H2019-10-20
A New ForeverNo seriesIsaiah 65:17-25Mike Hall2019-10-13
Difficult teachings of JesusNo seriesLuke 6:27-45Kim Jaegar2019-09-29
Hosea 11No seriesHosea 11Mikey Lynch2019-09-22
Hosea 3No seriesHosea 3Mikey Lynch2019-09-15
Hosea 2No seriesHosea 2David Jones2019-09-08
Hosea 1No seriesHosea 1David Jones2019-09-01
The Emotions and Being a HumanNo seriesGenesis 1:26-31; Genesis 2:7-20Mike Hall2019-07-28
Luke 7:36-50No seriesLuke 7:36-50Kim Jaegar2019-07-07
Jesus is the High PriestWomen's Winter Festival 2019Hebrews 9Philippa Tunney2019-06-01
2 Samuel 142 Samuel2 Samuel 14Dan Shepheard2019-05-12
2 Samuel 13:23-392 Samuel2 Samuel 13:23-39Dan Shepheard2019-05-05
After easterNo seriesActs 1Dan Shepheard2019-04-28
Easter Sermon 2019Easter SundayLuke 24:36-49Dan Shepheard2019-04-21
The Strange Sense In An Unjust DeathNo seriesLuke 23: 32-43Mike Hall2019-04-19
Ruth 1Ruth - KindnessRuth 1Mike Hall2019-03-31
Ruth 1:1-22Ruth - KindnessRuth 1:1-22Mike Hall2019-03-24
Hebrews 3:7-19HebrewsHebrews 3:7-19Dan Shepheard2019-03-17
Hebrews 3:1-6HebrewsHebrews 3:1-6Dan Shepheard2019-03-10
Luke 15No seriesLuke 15Dave Lynch2019-03-03
Hebrews 2:5-18HebrewsHebrews 2:5-18Dan Shepheard2019-02-24
Hebrews 1:5-14HebrewsHebrews 1:5-14Dan Shepheard2019-02-17
Hebrews 1:1-4HebrewsHebrews 1:1-4Dan Shepheard2019-02-10
Luke 12No seriesLuke 12Dan Shepheard2019-02-03
Church and ParachurchGuest SpeakersEphesians 1Mikey Lynch2019-01-27
1 John 3:16-18Guest Speakers1 John 3:16-18Mike Hall2019-01-20
Isaiah 6Guest SpeakersIsaiah 6Alan Reader2019-01-06
Philippians 2No seriesPhilippians 2Dan Shepheard2018-12-30
Matthew 21No seriesMatthew 21Dan Shepheard2018-12-23
Psalm 22Psalms: Refreshed by GodPsalm 22Dan Shepheard2018-12-02
Psalm 92Psalms: Refreshed by GodPsalm 92Dan Shepheard2018-11-25
Psalm 84Psalms: Refreshed by GodPsalm 84Dan Shepheard2018-11-18
Psalm 62Psalms: Refreshed by GodPsalm 62Dan Shepheard2018-11-11
Psalm 34Psalms: Refreshed by GodPsalm 34Mikey Lynch2018-11-04
Psalm 42Psalms: Refreshed by GodPsalm 42Dan Shepheard2018-10-28
Psalm 23Psalms: Refreshed by GodPsalm 23Dan Shepheard2018-10-21
Mission Month Week 4Mission MonthJohn 19Dan Shepheard2018-09-23
Mission Month Week 3Mission MonthJohn 19Mike Hall2018-09-16
Mission Month Week 2Mission MonthJohn 4Dan Shepheard2018-09-09
Mission Month Week 1Mission MonthJohn 1Mike Hall2018-09-02
Christ in Culture Talk 3No seriesDan Shepheard2018-08-26
Christ in Culture Talk 2No seriesMike Hall2018-08-12
Christ in Culture:Talk 1No seriesMatthew 20:20-28Mike Hall2018-07-29
Paul, the Romans and the GospelNo seriesRomans 1:1-17Mikey Lynch2018-07-22
The Cost of DiscipleshipNo seriesMark 8:27-9:1Tom Pugh2018-07-15
(Un)learning about JesusNo seriesMark 8:22-33Dan Shepheard2018-07-08
Acts 2No seriesActs 2Mike Hall2018-07-01
Church PlantingNo seriesLuke H2018-05-27
2 Samuel 132 Samuel2 Samuel 13Dan Shepheard2018-05-27
2 Samuel 12:15-312 Samuel2 Samuel 12:15-31Dan Shepheard2018-05-20
2 Samuel 12:1-142 Samuel2 Samuel 12:1-14Dan Shepheard2018-05-13
Creation EmbracingNo seriesActs 17:16-34Luke H2018-04-22
Word CentredNo seriesLuke H2018-04-15
Gospel IntoxicatedNo seriesLuke H2018-04-08
We Must RiseNo series1 Corinthins 15:35-58Dan Shepheard2018-04-01
Exodus Talk 7ExodusExodus 11:1- 12:42Mike Hall2018-03-25
Exodus Talk 6ExodusExodus 7:8-13Mike Hall2018-03-18
Exodus Talk 5ExodusExodus 6:6-12, 28-7:7Mike Hall2018-03-11
Freedom in Exodus ch5ExodusExodus 5:1-23Mike Hall2018-03-04
The Meaning of ChristmasJohnJohn 1:1-14Dan Shepheard2018-03-04
LeadershipCrossroads Day Conference 2018Acts 20Dan Shepheard2018-03-03
LeadershipCrossroads Day Conference 2018Acts 20Mike Hall2018-03-03
Exodus 3ExodusExodus 3Mike Hall2018-02-25
Exodus 1ExodusExodus 1Mike Hall2018-02-11
John 3:1-22No seriesJohn 3:1-22Aaron Johnstone2018-01-28
New People of GodNew Testament CreedsLuke H2018-01-21
New BeginningsNo seriesLuke 7:36-50Dan Shepheard2018-01-14
New BeginningsNo seriesDan Shepheard2018-01-14
Wisdom from AboveNo seriesJames 3:13-17Dan Shepheard2017-12-31
Christmas 2017No seriesLuke 1:46-56Dan Shepheard2017-12-24
JohnJohnJohnDan Shepheard2017-12-10
The Creator on TrialNo seriesJohn 18.28-19.16Campbell Markham2017-11-19
Johns GospelJohnJohnDan Shepheard2017-11-05
Romans 5No seriesRomans 5Phil Ninness2017-10-22
That's Not FairGuest SpeakersIssac Lee2017-10-15
What is the Cross About?JohnJohn 17:1-5Dan Shepheard2017-10-01
Church PlantingNo seriesMatthew 16:17–21Dan Shepheard2017-09-24
SinglenessNormal Christian Life1 Corinthians 7:25-25Tom Pugh2017-09-17
WorkNo series1 Thessalonians 4:1-12Mike Hall2017-09-10
ParentingNo seriesEphesians 6:1-4Dan Shepheard2017-09-03
DatingNo seriesJohn 15:9-17Mike Hall2017-08-27
MarriageNormal Christian LifeEphesians 5: 21-33Dan Shepheard2017-08-20
Philippians 1:27-2:11No seriesPhilippians 1:27-2:11Dan Shepheard2017-08-13
David's SinNo series2 Samuel 11Dan Shepheard2017-08-06
Missionary Work in ChileNo seriesFiona Lockett2017-07-30
JosephNo seriesMike Hall2017-07-23
Abraham - The PromiseNo seriesGenesis 11:28 - 12:9Mike Hall2017-07-16
Judges 1-2JudgesJudges 1-2Dave Lynch2017-06-25
Despising His KindnessSamuel2 Samuel 10Dan Shepheard2017-06-18
The Kindness of JesusSamuel2 Samuel 9Dan Shepheard2017-06-11
A Kingdom of Justice and Righteousness Samuel2 Samuel 8Dan Shepheard2017-06-04
The Heart of the KingSamuel2 Samuel 7:18–29Dan Shepheard2017-05-28
Church GatheringPurpose of ChurchRevelation 7:9-17Mike Hall2017-05-21
Church MaturityPurpose of ChurchHebrews 5:7-14Mike Hall2017-05-14
Church MembershipPurpose of ChurchEphesians 2:11-22Dan Shepheard2017-05-07
Church MinistryPurpose of Church1 Corinthians 12Dan Shepheard2017-04-30
Church MissionPurpose of Church1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1Mikey Lynch2017-04-23
Easter SundayEaster Sunday1 Corinthians 15:20-28Dan Shepheard2017-04-16
What makes Good Friday good?Good Friday PMMark 8.22-30Luke H2017-04-14
Good Friday AMEaster SundayDan Shepheard2017-04-14
Mark 11:12-25MarkMark 11:12-25Dan Shepheard2017-04-09
Romans 16RomansRomans 16Dan Shepheard2017-04-02
Fulfill the GospelRomansRomans 15:14-33Dan Shepheard2017-03-26
Three Images of LoveRomansRomans 14:13-15:13Dan Shepheard2017-03-19
Love in ActionRomansRomans 14:1-12Dan Shepheard2017-03-12
More Reasons to LoveRomansRomans 13:8-14Dan Shepheard2017-03-05
Radical Spirituality and the GovernmentNo seriesRomans 13:1-7Dan Shepheard2017-02-26
Let Love be GenuineRomansRomans 12:9-21Dan Shepheard2017-02-19
Mercy Makes Us HumbleRomansRomans 12:3-8Dan Shepheard2017-02-12
Motivated By MercyNo seriesRomans 12:1-2Dan Shepheard2017-02-05
Blessed to be a blessingNo seriesPsalm 67Luke H2017-01-29
The Down and Out GodNo seriesActs 2:1-13Al Bain2017-01-22
Does The Lord Get What He Wants?No seriesMark 1.1-11Graham Sayer2017-01-15
Samson: The Anti-heroNo seriesJudges 13-16Mike Hall2017-01-08
Even More than ForgivenessIsaiahIsaiah 49:1-13Dan Shepheard2017-01-01
Christmas Eve 2016IsaiahIsaiah 9:2-7Dan Shepheard2016-12-24
Carols Sermon 2016IsaiahIsaiah 42:1-4Dan Shepheard2016-12-18
The Christmas eventIsaiahIsaiah 40:1-11Dan Shepheard2016-12-11
Matthew 28Guest SpeakersMatthew 28Wil Longbottom2016-12-04
Jesus' Purpose and MissionNo seriesJohn 17:6-26Dan Shepheard2016-11-20
Jesus' MissionJohnJohn 17:1-5Dan Shepheard2016-11-13
But First The CrossJohnJohn 16:16-33Dan Shepheard2016-11-06
The Spirit's Work In Jesus' PlaceJohnJohn 16:5-16Dan Shepheard2016-10-30
When The Whole World Hates YouJohnJohn 15:18 - 16:4Dan Shepheard2016-10-23
A wise, Mature and Godly LifePsalm 119Psalm 119: 169-176Dan Shepheard2016-10-16
A Surprising Response To God's WordPsalm 119Psalm 119: 161-168Dan Shepheard2016-10-09
What is the point of life?No seriesPsalm 1Dan Shepheard2016-10-02
Its Good to Have God's LawPsalm 119Psalm 119:153-160Dan Shepheard2016-09-25
How to Handle BullyingYouth Night TalksDan Shepheard2016-09-23
The Only One Who Could Pray Like ThisPsalm 119Psalm 119:145-152Dan Shepheard2016-09-18
God's Righteous WordPsalm 119Psalm 199:137-144Dan Shepheard2016-09-11
The Word is a WonderPsalm 119Psalm 119:129-136Dan Shepheard2016-09-04
Marriage in a changing societyMarriage in a changing societyTitus 2.11-14; 1 Cor 6.9-11Dan Shepheard2016-08-28
Marriage in a changing society: SinglenessMarriage in a changing society1 Corinthians 7Dan Shepheard2016-08-14
The BibleNo seriesJohn 1:1-14Dan Shepheard2016-07-31
What is Christian?No seriesJohn 3:16-21Mikey Lynch2016-07-24
I Want To Break FreeNo seriesMatthew 20:20-34Pete Woodcock2016-07-17
The Book of PhilemonNo seriesPhilemonMike Hall2016-07-10
God Wants His People To Care For The VulnerableChoose LifeDeuteronomy 24Dave Lynch2016-07-03
God calls his people to be generousChoose LifeDeuteronomy 14Dave Lynch2016-06-26
Choose LifeChoose LifeDeuteronomy 14:1-21Dave Lynch2016-06-19
A Kingdom of Justice and RighteousnessNo series2 Samuel 8Dan Shepheard2016-06-12
God's DesireNo series2 Samuel 7:18-29Dan Shepheard2016-06-05
God's Plan is GreaterSamuel2 Samuel 7:1-17Dan Shepheard2016-05-29
The Joy That Comes With HumilitySamuel2 Samuel Chapter 6Dan Shepheard2016-05-22
Jesus can be TrustedSamuel2 Samuel 5Dan Shepheard2016-05-15
2 Samuel 4Samuel2 Samuel 4Dan Shepheard2016-05-08
Deuteronomy 12Choose LifeDeuteronomy 12Dave Lynch2016-05-01
Jesus: ManJesus: Saviour/Lord/God/ManHebrews 2.10-18Dan Shepheard2016-04-24
Jesus: GodJesus: Saviour/Lord/God/ManHebrews:1.1-4Dan Shepheard2016-04-17
Jesus: LordJesus: Saviour/Lord/God/ManActs 2: 22-26Dan Shepheard2016-04-10
Jesus: SaviourJesus: Saviour/Lord/God/ManMark 16: 1-8Dan Shepheard2016-04-03
Jesus was RaisedEaster SundayMark 16:1-8Dan Shepheard2016-03-27
Jesus was BuriedGood Friday PMMark 15:33-47Dan Shepheard2016-03-25
Romans 13:1-7RomansRomans 13:1-7Des Smith2016-03-20
Romans 12:1-8RomansRomans 12:1-8Mikey Lynch2016-03-06
God's Saving MercyRomansRomans 11:16-32Dan Shepheard2016-02-28
God's Saving MercyRomansRomans 11:1-15Dan Shepheard2016-02-21
God's Saving MercyRomansRomans 9:31 - 10:21Dan Shepheard2016-02-14
God's Saving MercyRomansRomans 9:1-29Dan Shepheard2016-02-07
Luke 7:18-30Guest SpeakersLuke 7:18-30Al Bain2016-01-24
Luke 7:1-17Guest SpeakersLuke 7:1-17Al Bain2016-01-17
John 17Guest SpeakersJohn 17Alan Reader2016-01-10
The Birth of a SaviourGuest SpeakersExodus 2Colin Shepheard2016-01-03
Wisdom for a New YearNo seriesMatthew 6:19-34Dan Shepheard2015-12-27
John, the witnessNo seriesJohn 1:1-18Phil Ninness2015-12-20
Even Mary was surprisedNo seriesLuke 2:19Dan Shepheard2015-12-20
God's Faithfulness (part 2)No series1 King 17:1-16Dan Shepheard2015-12-13
God's Faithfulness (part 1)No seriesGenesis 15Dan Shepheard2015-12-06
Experience Jesus' loveJohnJohn 15:1-17Dan Shepheard2015-11-29
Lessons from Jesus washing his disciples' feetGuest SpeakersJohn 13Campbell Markham2015-11-22
Eternal LifeJohnJohn 14:15 - 31 Dan Shepheard2015-11-15
Be glad that Jesus has leftJohnJohn 13:31 - 14:4Dan Shepheard2015-11-08
Lessons from JudasJohnJohn 13: 18-30Dan Shepheard2015-11-01
Seeing is BelievingJohnJohn 9:1-41Dan Shepheard2015-10-25
Humble Like JesusJohnJohn 13: 1-11Dan Shepheard2015-10-18
Accepting Jesus' LoveJohnJohn 13: 1-17Dan Shepheard2015-10-11
Jesus is relevant to allJohnJohn 12: 20-26Dan Shepheard2015-10-04
The Word is a WonderPsalm 119Psalm 119:129-136Dan Shepheard2015-09-27
God's Word Makes Us ConfidentPsalm 119Psalm 119:121-128Dan Shepheard2015-09-20
Loyal to God's WordPsalm 119Psalm 119:113-120Dan Shepheard2015-09-13
Psalm 119:105-112Psalm 119Psalm 119:105-112Dan Shepheard2015-09-06
How to love the WordPsalm 119Psalm 119:97-104Dan Shepheard2015-08-30
Money in Luke's Gospel 4MoneyLuke 19:1-10Dan Shepheard2015-08-23
Money in Luke's Gospel 3MoneyLuke 12:22-34Dan Shepheard2015-08-16
Freedom in Christ (from Expectations)Women's Winter Festival 2015Colossians 1:1-19; 2:6-15Rachel Bain2015-08-15
Money in Luke's Gospel 2MoneyLuke 16:1-15Dan Shepheard2015-08-09
Money in Luke's Gospel 1MoneyLuke 12:13-21Dan Shepheard2015-08-02
Do not compare yourself to othersJohnJohn 21Des Smith2015-07-26
Mark 10MarkMark 10Mikey Lynch2015-07-19
Freedom to ServeWomen's Winter Festival 2015John 13:1-17Felicity Ogilvie2015-07-18
Deuteronomy Ch 6Choose LifeChoose LifeDave Lynch2015-06-28
The Ten CommandmentsChoose LifeDeuteronomy Ch 5Dave Lynch2015-06-21
Freedom from SinWomen's Winter Festival 2015Romans 6Cecily Lazenby2015-06-20
Deuteronomy Ch 4Choose LifeChoose LifeDave Lynch2015-06-14
Choose LifeChoose LifeDeuteromony 1Dave Lynch2015-06-07
The Lord's PrayerMatthewMatthew 6: 5-15Dan Shepheard2015-05-31
The Truth About PeopleGenesis NarrativeGenesis 4Dan Shepheard2015-05-24
Genesis 5Genesis NarrativeGenesis 5Jake Tuit2015-05-17
The Truth About PeopleGenesis NarrativeGenesis 3Dan Shepheard2015-05-10
The Truth About PeopleGenesis NarrativeGenesis 2: 4-25Dan Shepheard2015-05-03
Fear and WonderGenesis NarrativeGenesis 1Dan Shepheard2015-04-26
Being in God's Plans 2NT Letter for New ChristiansColossians 1:15-23Dan Shepheard2015-04-19
Being in God's PlansNT Letter for New ChristiansColossians 1:1-14Dan Shepheard2015-04-12
Gospel Caused ChangeGuest Speakers1 Thessalonians 1:2-10Cecily Lazenby2015-04-08
Easter SundayEaster SundayJohn 20:1-18Dan Shepheard2015-04-05
Why is Good Friday so good?Good Friday PMMark 2.27-30Luke H2015-04-03
Good Friday AMNo seriesJohn 2Dan Shepheard2015-04-03
Hard to believePalm Sunday 2015Isiah 52:13 - 53:12,Dan Shepheard2015-03-29
Feeling FreeRomansRomans 8: 31-39Dan Shepheard2015-03-22
Appearance and RealityRomansRomans 8:18-27Dan Shepheard2015-03-15
Absolutely no condemnationRomansRomans 8:1-17Dan Shepheard2015-03-08
Released from the LawRomansRomans 7Dan Shepheard2015-03-01
God at Work in YouRomansRomans 6: 1-14Dan Shepheard2015-02-15
The Power of The GospelRomansRomans 5:12-21Dan Shepheard2015-02-08
A Christian is ConfidentRomansRomans 5: 1-11Dan Shepheard2015-02-01
Lost and FoundGuest SpeakersLuke 15:1-10Al Bain2015-01-25
GreedGuest SpeakersLuke 12:13-21Al Bain2015-01-18
The Existence of GodGuest SpeakersRomans 1:8-25Mikey Lynch2015-01-11
How Good have you been this ChristmasGuest SpeakersMatthew 5:17-48Dan Headly2015-01-04
WisdomNo seriesJames 3:13-18Dan Shepheard2014-12-28
Christmas is DisturbingNo seriesMatthew 2:1-12Dan Shepheard2014-12-21
Born Again ChristianNo series1 Peter 1:13-21Dan Shepheard2014-12-14
How to love the WordPsalm 119Psalm 119:97-104Dan Shepheard2014-12-07
God speaks and lives changePsalm 119Psalm 119:89-96Dan Shepheard2014-11-30
Wonderful WordPsalm 119Psalm 119:81-89Dan Shepheard2014-11-23
Encouraged by othersPsalm 119Psalm 119:73-80Dan Shepheard2014-11-16
God's word will be good for you (new)Psalm 119Psalm 119:65-72Dan Shepheard2014-11-09
The Best Reason to Keep God's Law (new)Psalm 119Psalm 119:57-64Dan Shepheard2014-11-02
Where is God in Suffering?Life's Big QuestionsPsalm 22Dan Shepheard2014-10-26
Who Am I?Life's Big QuestionsPsalm 8Dan Shepheard2014-10-19
What's wrong with the world?Life's Big QuestionsPsalm 2Mikey Lynch2014-10-12
What is the Point of Life?Life's Big QuestionsPsalm 1Dan Shepheard2014-10-05
Caught up in a ConflictNormal Christian LifeRevelation 13Dan Shepheard2014-09-28
Caught up in a ConflictNormal Christian LifeRevelation 12Dan Shepheard2014-09-21
What does the Church do?Normal Christian LifeRevelation 11Dan Shepheard2014-09-14
Revelation 10Normal Christian LifeRevelationDan Shepheard2014-09-07
The Truth about HellNo seriesRevelation 9Dan Shepheard2014-08-31
Understanding God's VengeanceNo seriesRevelation 8Dan Shepheard2014-08-24
Will God's People Be Safe?No seriesRevelation 7Dan Shepheard2014-08-17
Is God going to do right?Normal Christian LifeRevelation 6Dan Shepheard2014-08-10
Luke's ordinationNo seriesRevelation 5Dan Shepheard2014-08-03
The purpose statement of JohnJohnJohn 20:30-31Alan Reader2014-07-27
RedemptionRuth - KindnessRuth 3-4Luke H2014-07-20
RefugeRuth - KindnessRuth 2Luke H2014-07-13
RepentanceRuth - KindnessRuth 1Luke H2014-07-06
The Secret to the Christian LifeSamuel2 Samuel 4Dan Shepheard2014-06-29
His Kingdom ComeSamuel2 Samuel 3Dan Shepheard2014-06-22
A Lord we can trustSamuel2 Samuel 2Dan Shepheard2014-06-15
Having A Mind like ChristSamuel2 Samuel 1Dan Shepheard2014-06-08
Leaders In The Church1 Timothy1 Timothy 3Dan Shepheard2014-06-01
What is the Gospel?AmosAmos 9Dan Shepheard2014-05-25
The Good LifeNo seriesPsalm 133Al Bain2014-05-18
This is what the Sovereign Lord saysAmosAmos 7-8Dan Shepheard2014-05-11
Life After DeathAmosAmos 3-6Dan Shepheard2014-05-04
The Cross is a WarningAmosAmos 1-3Dan Shepheard2014-04-27
Romans 4RomansRomans 4Mikey Lynch2014-04-20
Let Off By God?RomansRomans 3:21-26Dan Shepheard2014-04-18
Faith Versus WorksRomansRomans 3:21-26Dan Shepheard2014-04-13
Everyone is a sinnerRomansRomans 3:9-20Dan Shepheard2014-04-06
Let the Gospel StandRomansRomans 3:1-8Dan Shepheard2014-03-30
Slavery and PrivilegeServants of Jesus1 Corinthians 4:1-5 Dan Shepheard2014-03-23
Slavery and LordshipServants of Jesus1 Corinthians 6:19-20Dan Shepheard2014-03-22
Slavery and FreedomServants of Jesus1 Corinthians 7:17-24Dan Shepheard2014-03-21
Wroking Well in an Unwell WorldGuest SpeakersProverbsJosh Swarts2014-03-16
Christianity is UniqueRomansRomans 2:17-29Dan Shepheard2014-03-09
No Excuses Before GodRomansRomans 2:1-16Dan Shepheard2014-03-02
Optimist Pessimist?RomansRomans 1:18-32Dan Shepheard2014-02-23
Understand the Power of the GospelRomansRomans 1:16-17Dan Shepheard2014-02-16
The Spread of ChristianityRomansRomans 1:1-15Dan Shepheard2014-02-09
The Shape and Certainty of our HopeNo series1 Corinthians 15:12-33Dan Shepheard2014-02-02
A Fearful JoyGuest Speakers2 Samuel 6Al Bain2014-01-26
Life is AnnoyingGuest SpeakersEcclesiastes 8Mikey Lynch2014-01-19
The Tyranny of TimeGuest SpeakersEcclesiastes 3Mikey Lynch2014-01-12
Sabbath RestGuest SpeakersLuke 6:1-11Al Bain2014-01-05
Making Wise DecisionsNo seriesJames 4:13-17Dan Shepheard2013-12-29
Peace for the WorldChristmas series: The Prince of PeaceLuke 2:25-35Dan Shepheard2013-12-22
A Person of PeaceChristmas series: The Prince of PeaceLuke 2:25-35, 7:36-50Dan Shepheard2013-12-15
Peace in Your lifeChristmas series: The Prince of PeaceLuke 10:38-42Dan Shepheard2013-12-08
God's word will be good for youPsalm 119Psalm 119:65-72Dan Shepheard2013-12-01
The Best Reason to Keep God's LawPsalm 119Psalm 119:57-64Dan Shepheard2013-11-24
Loving God's Law when others don'tPsalm 119Psalm 119:49-56Dan Shepheard2013-11-17
Fall in Love with the Life Giving WordPsalm 119Psalm 119 41-48Bernard Cane2013-11-10
More than LawPsalm 119Psalm 119:33-40Dan Shepheard2013-11-03
Building better people: Daily coaching and staff developmentStarting a business worth building. Taking it somewhere worth going. Open forum2013-11-02
Rethinking brand: The conversation your customers are having about youStarting a business worth building. Taking it somewhere worth going. Open forumJosh Lamont2013-11-02
Running a business without ruining your lifeStarting a business worth building. Taking it somewhere worth going. Open forumHans Kelder2013-11-02
The Difference That Christianity MakesNo seriesColossians 1:15-20Dan Shepheard2013-10-27
Luke 10:1-24LukeLuke 10:1-24Luke H2013-10-20
Charge - Dan's OrdinationGuest SpeakersAl Bain2013-10-20
Who are you?No seriesPsalm 139Damon Richardson2013-10-13
What Holds Us BackJesus, Not What You ExpectJohn 12:31-43Dan Shepheard2013-10-06
Fall into the GroundJesus, Not What You ExpectJohn 12:20-36Dan Shepheard2013-09-29
John 12:12-19Jesus, Not What You ExpectJohn 12:12-19Dan Shepheard2013-09-22
John 12:1-11Jesus, Not What You ExpectJohn 12:1-11Bernard Cane2013-09-15
The EndNormal Christian LifeMikey Lynch2013-08-18
Emily's VoiceEmily's VoicePaul2013-08-18
Doing Good DeedsNormal Christian LifeDan Shepheard2013-08-11
The BibleNormal Christian LifeDan Shepheard2013-08-04
Ephesians 3:14-21Walk Worthy of the CallingEphesians 3:14-21Dan Shepheard2013-07-28
Ephesians 5:15-6:9Walk Worthy of the CallingEphesians 5:15-6:9Bernard Cane2013-07-21
Ephesians 4:17-5:14Walk Worthy of the CallingEphesians 4:17-5:14Bernard Cane2013-07-14
Ephesians 4:1-16Walk Worthy of the CallingEphesians 4:1-16Bernard Cane2013-07-07
Acts 17:16-34EvangelismActs 17:16-34Dan Shepheard2013-06-30
Acts 6:1-7EvangelismActs 6:1-7Dan Shepheard2013-06-23
Acts 1:1 - 11EvangelismActs 1:1 - 11Dan Shepheard2013-06-16
1 Samuel 311 Samuel1 Samuel 31Dan Shepheard2013-06-09
1 Samuel 301 Samuel1 Samuel 30Dan Shepheard2013-06-02
1 Samuel 291 Samuel1 Samuel 29Dan Shepheard2013-05-26
DeathNo seriesNick Mollison2013-05-19
1 Samuel 28:3-241 Samuel1 Samuel 28:3-24Dan Shepheard2013-05-12
1 Samuel 241 Samuel1 Samuel 24Dan Shepheard2013-05-05
John 9:1-39Reasons to BelieveJohn 9:1-39Dan Shepheard2013-04-28
John 8:31-47Reasons to BelieveJohn 8:31-47Dan Shepheard2013-04-21
John 8Reasons to BelieveJohn 8Dan Shepheard2013-04-14
John 7Reasons to BelieveJohn 7Bernard Cane2013-04-07
John 6Reasons to BelieveBernard Cane2013-03-31
John 5Reasons to BelieveJohn 5Bernard Cane2013-03-24
John 4:43-54Reasons to BelieveJohn 4:43-54Dan Shepheard2013-03-17
John 4:1-42Reasons to BelieveJohn 4:1-42Dan Shepheard2013-03-10
John 3:22-26Reasons to BelieveJohn 3:22-26Dan Shepheard2013-03-03
John 3:1-21Reasons to BelieveJohn 3:1-21Dan Shepheard2013-02-24
John 2:1-25Reasons to BelieveJohn 2:1-25Dan Shepheard2013-02-17
John 1:19-51Reasons to BelieveJohn 1:19-51Dan Shepheard2013-02-10
John 1:1-18Reasons to BelieveJohn 1:1-18Dan Shepheard2013-02-03
Luke 15LukeLuke 15Phil Ninness2013-01-27
Joshua 2JoshuaJoshua 2Nick Mollison2013-01-20
Joshua 1JoshuaJoshua 1Nathan Tivendale2013-01-13
James 1:1-10JamesJames 1:1-10Graham Sayer2013-01-06
Matthew 6:25-34No seriesMatthew 6:25-34Dan Shepheard2012-12-30
Matthew 1:18-25In The Presence Of GreatnessMatthew 1:18-25Dan Shepheard2012-12-23
Luke 7:36-50In The Presence Of GreatnessLuke 7:36-50Dan Shepheard2012-12-16
Luke 8:26-39In The Presence Of GreatnessLuke 8:26-39Dan Shepheard2012-12-09
Luke 19: 1-10In The Presence Of GreatnessLuke 19: 1-10Dan Shepheard2012-12-02
Psalm 119:33 - 40Psalm 119Psalm 119:33-40Dan Shepheard2012-11-25
Psalm 119:25-32Psalm 119Psalm 119:25-32Bernard Cane2012-11-18
Psalm 119:17-24Psalm 119Psalm 119:17-24Dan Shepheard2012-11-11
Psalm 119:9-16Psalm 119Psalm 119:9-16Dan Shepheard2012-11-04
Psalm 119:1-8Psalm 119Psalm 119:1-8Dan Shepheard2012-10-28
Psalm 73Psalm 73Psalm 73Phil Ninness2012-10-21
Song of Songs 8:5-14Song of SongsSong of Songs 8:5-14Dan Shepheard2012-10-14
Song of Songs 5:2-6:3Song of SongsSong of Songs 5:2-6:3Dan Shepheard2012-10-07
Song of Songs 3:6-4:16Song of SongsSong of Songs 3:6-4:16Dan Shepheard2012-09-30
Song of Songs 2:8-3:5Song of SongsSong of Songs 2:8-3:5Dan Shepheard2012-09-23
Song of Songs 1:1-2:7Song of SongsSong of Songs 1:1-2:7Dan Shepheard2012-09-16
Jeremiah 29:1-23JeremiahJeremiah 29:1-23Bernard Cane2012-09-09
Jeremiah 3:1-10JeremiahJeremiah 3:1-10Bernard Cane2012-09-02
Romans 8:31-39RomansRomans 8:31-39Dan Shepheard2012-08-26
Romans 8:18-30RomansRomans 8:18-30Dan Shepheard2012-08-19
Romans 8:1-17RomansRomans 8:1-17Dan Shepheard2012-08-12
Colossians 1.12-20New Testament CreedsColossians 1.12-20Andrew Hutchins2012-07-29
2 Timothy 2:11-14New Testament Creeds2 Timothy 2:11-14Nathan Tivendale2012-07-22
Romans 1:1-7New Testament CreedsRomans 1:1-7Nick Mollison2012-07-15
Philippians 2:1-11New Testament CreedsPhilippians 2:1-11Wil Longbottom2012-07-08
Romans 11New Testament CreedsRomans 11Peirce Baehr2012-07-01
1 Samuel 27:1-28:21 Samuel1 Samuel 27:1-28:2Dan Shepheard2012-06-24
1 Samuel 261 Samuel1 Samuel 26Dan Shepheard2012-06-17
1 Samuel 251 Samuel1 Samuel 25Dan Shepheard2012-06-10
1 Samuel 241 Samuel1 Samuel 24Dan Shepheard2012-06-03
Ephesians 1Women's Winter Festival 2012Ephesians 1Ruth Jones2012-06-02
1 Samuel 21-221 Samuel1 Samuel 21-22Dan Shepheard2012-05-20
1 Samuel 181 Samuel1 Samuel 18Dan Shepheard2012-05-13
Sermon 3We BelieveDan Shepheard2012-05-06
Sermon 2We BelieveDan Shepheard2012-05-05
Sermon 1We BelieveDan Shepheard2012-05-04
God, The SpiritThe TrinityBernard Cane2012-04-29
God, the SonThe TrinityBernard Cane2012-04-22
The FatherThe TrinityBernard Cane2012-04-15
Luke 24:36-49Easter SundayLuke 24:36-49Bernard Cane2012-04-08
2 Timothy 32 Timothy2 Timothy 3Dan Shepheard2012-04-01
Luke 2:21-40LukeLuke 2:21-40Bernard Cane2012-03-25
2 Timothy 2:14-262 Timothy2 Timothy 2:14-26Dan Shepheard2012-03-18
2 Timothy 1:13-2:132 Timothy2 Timothy 1:13-2:13Dan Shepheard2012-03-11
2 Timothy 1:1-122 Timothy2 Timothy 1:1-12Dan Shepheard2012-03-04
Revelation 7The Centre of the Universe - RevelationRevelation 7Dan Shepheard2012-02-26
Revelation 6The Centre of the Universe - RevelationDan Shepheard2012-02-19
Revelation 5The Centre of the Universe - RevelationRevelation 5Dan Shepheard2012-02-12
Revelation 4The Centre of the Universe - RevelationRevelation 4Dan Shepheard2012-02-05
What is a Missionary?Guest SpeakersEphesians 4:1-16Dan Shepheard2012-01-29
1 Peter 2:13-251 Peter1 Peter 2:13-25Nick Mollison2012-01-22
Haggai 1-2:9Guest SpeakersHaggai 1-2:9Gwyd Jones2012-01-15
1 Peter 1:171 Peter1 Peter 1:17Campbell Markham2012-01-09
1 Peter 1:13-211 Peter1 Peter 1:13-21Dan Shepheard2012-01-01
1 Peter 1:1-12Guest Speakers1 Peter 1:1-12Dan Shepheard2011-12-18
1 Peter 1:1-121 Peter1 Peter 1:1-12Dan Shepheard2011-12-18
Luke 2:1-20Guest SpeakersLuke 2:1-20Bernard Cane2011-12-11
1 Peter 2:1-12Guest Speakers1 Peter 2:1-12Damon Richardson2011-12-04
John 16:16-33JohnJohn 16:16-33Nick Mollison2011-11-27
Luke 1:57-80LukeLuke 1:57-80Bernard Cane2011-11-20
1 Timothy 51 Timothy1 Timothy 5Dan Shepheard2011-11-13
1 Timothy 41 Timothy1 Timothy 4Dan Shepheard2011-11-06
Giving your life to JesusGuest SpeakersMark 14:1-11Dan Shepheard2011-10-23
Grace and ChangeChange from the Inside - How grace changes everythingRomans 6:15-23Dan Shepheard2011-10-16
Grace and Being GoodChange from the Inside - How grace changes everythingLuke 6:12-36Bernard Cane2011-10-09
Grace and WorryChange from the Inside - How grace changes everythingLuke 10:38-42Dan Shepheard2011-10-02
Grace and Being BadChange from the Inside - How grace changes everythingBernard Cane2011-09-25
1 Timothy 31 Timothy1 Timothy 3Dan Shepheard2011-09-18
1 Timothy 21 Timothy1 Timothy 2Dan Shepheard2011-09-11
11 TimothyDan Shepheard2011-09-04
Christine Jolly - SermonWomens Winter Festival 2011Christine Jolly2011-08-27
2 Corinthians 3:7-4:18No series2 Corinthians 3:7-4:18Bernard Cane2011-08-27
1 John 2:28-3:24No series1 John 2:28-3:24Nathan Tivendale2011-08-21
1 Samuel 20Samuel1 Samuel 20Dan Shepheard2011-08-14
1 Samuel 19Samuel1 Samuel 19Dan Shepheard2011-08-07
1 Samuel 18Samuel1 Samuel 18Dan Shepheard2011-07-31
1 Samuel 17:1-531 Samuel1 Samuel 17:1-53Dan Shepheard2011-07-24
1 John 2:28-3:241 John1 John 2:28-3:24Nathan Tivendale2011-07-19
1 Samuel 16:1-131 Samuel1 Samuel 16:1-13Dan Shepheard2011-07-17
Genesis 39Guest SpeakersGenesis 39Dan Shepheard2011-07-10
ObedienceCrosswordsDan Shepheard2011-07-03
ForgivenessForgivenessNick Bultman2011-06-28
Victory Over EvilCrosswordsPeirce Baehr2011-06-26
Psalm 118Womens Winter Festival 2011Psalm 118Marion Kennedy2011-06-25
ForgivenessCrosswordsNick Bultman2011-06-19
Psalm 118Jesus in the Psalms - Womens Winter FestivalPsalm 118Marion Kennedy2011-06-18
Judgementalism and the LawJamesBernard Cane2011-06-05
1 Thessalonians 4:1-121 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 4:1-12Dave Lynch2011-05-31
Faith and WorksJamesBernard Cane2011-05-29
1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:131 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13Dan Shepheard2011-05-24
Romans 8:18-30Guest SpeakersRomans 8:18-30Dan Shepheard2011-05-15
1 Thessalonians 2:13-201 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 2:13-20Dan Shepheard2011-05-10
Wealth and PovertyJamesBernard Cane2011-05-08
1 Thessalonians 1:1-101 Thessalonians1 Thessalonians 1:1-10Dan Shepheard2011-05-03
Ephesians 3:14-21All things in heaven and on earthEphesians 3:14-21Dan Shepheard2011-05-01
The End HeavenThe EndMikey Lynch2011-04-26
Jonah 1:17-2:10Guest SpeakersJonah 1:17-2:10Luke H2011-04-24
Forgiveness and JusticeEaster 2011Dan Shepheard2011-04-22
The End HellThe EndBernard Cane2011-04-19
The End The Last DaysThe EndBernard Cane2011-04-12
God has already revealed the mystery in his plan for all of us and his plan is very goodAll things in heaven and on earthPeirce Baehr2011-04-10
God's Power in the ChurchAll things in heaven and on earthDan Shepheard2011-04-10
The End AlreadyThe EndMikey Lynch2011-04-04
Made AliveAll things in heaven and on earthDan Shepheard2011-04-03
Friendship ProverbsProverbsDan Shepheard2011-03-29
Glorious GodAll things in heaven and on earthDan Shepheard2011-03-27
Isaiah 65:17-66:24IsaiahIsaiah 65:17-66:24Bernard Cane2011-03-22
Genesis 28:10-22Guest SpeakersGenesis 28:10-22Dan Shepheard2011-03-20
Isaiah 63:1-6IsaiahIsaiah 63:1-6Bernard Cane2011-03-15
Isaiah 55The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiah 55Dan Shepheard2011-03-13
Isaiah 61IsaiahIsaiah 61Bernard Cane2011-03-08
Isaiah 54The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiah 54Dan Shepheard2011-03-06
Isaiah 52:13-53:12The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiah 52:13-53:12Dan Shepheard2011-02-27
Isaiah 52:13-53:12IsaiahIsaiah 52:13-53:12Bernard Cane2011-02-22
Isaiah 49:1-13The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiah 49:1-13Dan Shepheard2011-02-20
Isaiah 44-45IsaiahIsaiah 44-45Bernard Cane2011-02-15
Isaiah 44:24-45:25The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiah 44:24-45:25Dan Shepheard2011-02-13
Isaiah 41-42IsaiahIsaiah 41-42Bernard Cane2011-02-08
Isaiah 40:12-42:9The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiah 40:12-42:9Dan Shepheard2011-02-06
Isaiah 40IsaiahIsaiah 40Bernard Cane2011-02-01
Isaiah 40The Year of the Lord's FavourIsaiah 40Dan Shepheard2011-01-30
John 10:1-21Jesus' sermonsJohn 10:1-21Damon Richardson2011-01-23
John 10:1-21Jesus' sermonsJohn 10:1-21Damon Richardson2011-01-23
John 9Jesus' sermonsJohn 9Damon Richardson2011-01-16
John 8:12-59Jesus' sermonsJohn 8:12-59Nathan Tivendale2011-01-09
John 3:1-21Jesus' sermonsJohn 3:1-21Pryderi Jones2011-01-02
Part 2ProverbsDan Shepheard2010-12-19
Matthew 2:1-3Guest SpeakersMatthew 2:1-3Gwyd Jones2010-12-19
Proverbs Part 1ProverbsProverbsDan Shepheard2010-12-05
1 ThessaloniansThe Way The Word Works1 ThessaloniansDan Shepheard2010-11-28
1 Samuel 15Samuel1 Samuel 15Dan Shepheard2010-11-23
Luke 1:26-38LukeLuke 1:26-38Bernard Cane2010-11-21
1 Samuel 10-11Samuel1 Samuel 10-11Dan Shepheard2010-11-16
Luke 1:5-25LukeLuke 1:5-25Bernard Cane2010-11-14
1 Samuel 9Samuel1 Samuel 9Dan Shepheard2010-11-09
Luke 1:1-4LukeLuke 1:1-4Bernard Cane2010-11-07
1 Samuel 8Samuel1 Samuel 8Dan Shepheard2010-11-02
The Gospel for AllThe GospelBernard Cane2010-10-31
The Power of the GospelThe GospelDan Shepheard2010-10-24
John 17:1-4The GospelJohn 17:1-4Bernard Cane2010-10-19
The God of the GospelThe GospelDan Shepheard2010-10-17
Judges 17-21JudgesJudges 17-21Mikey Lynch2010-10-12
1 Corinthians 14:26-401 Corinthians1 Corinthians 14:26-40Dan Shepheard2010-10-10
Judges 3:16JudgesJudges 3:16Mikey Lynch2010-10-05
No Title1 CorinthiansGwyd Jones2010-10-03
Judges 1:1-3:6JudgesJudges 1:1-3:6Mikey Lynch2010-09-28
1 Corinthians 131 Corinthians1 Corinthians 13Dan Shepheard2010-09-26
Luke 1:5-25The Gospel According to LukeLuke 1:5-25Bernard Cane2010-09-21
1 Corinthians 12:12-311 Corinthians1 Corinthians 12:12-31Peirce Baehr2010-09-19
1 Corinthians 12:1-111 Corinthians1 Corinthians 12:1-11Dan Shepheard2010-09-12
1 Samuel 141 Samuel1 Samuel 14Dan Shepheard2010-09-01
1 Samuel 131 Samuel1 Samuel 13Dan Shepheard2010-07-25
1 Samuel 111 Samuel1 Samuel 11Dan Shepheard2010-07-18
1 Samuel 9-101 Samuel1 Samuel 9-10Dan Shepheard2010-07-11
1 Samuel 81 Samuel1 Samuel 8Dan Shepheard2010-07-04
2 Timothy 42 Timothy2 Timothy 4Bernard Cane2010-06-20
Revelation 1:9-2:7Reveleation 1-3Revelation 1:9-2:7Damon Richardson2010-06-20
Trials and DesiresJamesBernard Cane2010-05-22
Promises of God 3Women's Winter Festival 2010Ruth Jones

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