Saved, Growing & Engaged

God has wonderful things in store for Hobart, way beyond what we could ever ask for or imagine.

The church, even our church, is just the beginning. Hobart, but not as we know it means lives transformed and people living God's new way together. Imagine feeling a part of God's great work. This means people going to work each day and contributing meaningfully as Christian citizens. This means people who have come to know Christ and are now learning about themselves as his people until he returns. All this is just for starters.


To see people saved and growing as engaged Christians every year in Hobart.


By 2030 we have served those we have in such a way that we’ve got great ministry to all ages and so we’ve grown.

2030 Vision Strategic Priorities

  • Close the life stage gaps
  • Reach new families
  • Develop our Leadership Pipeline
  • Transition to a team ministry culture
  • Align our leadership structure & governance

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