No Crossroads Sunday Service on March 24 Due to Church Camp.

What we believe

We are loved by God, saved from death and judgement by faith, and given new relationships based on hope and peace.

We believe God has saved us from his judgement by judging his son Jesus instead. God judges because of the lives we live without God. We make our own rules, we reject his authority over us and we live for ourselves rather than doing what's right. This salvation pulls us out of these lives, brings us into relationship with God and a community of other believers, (the church) and promises us life after death.

This salvation is a gift from God; we can't earn it by being good. It comes through faith in the death and resurrection of Christ. And not even the faith is ours, but another free gift. This faith is the only way people can be saved.

We also believe the Bible is God's word, and our ultimate authority for what to believe and how to live. The Sydney Anglicans have put together a great illustrated presentation, Two ways to live, that communicates the essence of Christian belief.

Crossroads is a Presbyterian church

Presbyterianism is a form of protestant Christianity emphasising the same core beliefs as the other mainline protestant churches. Presbyterianism formed in Scotland around the 16th Century. We take our form of church organisation from the Westminster confession of faith. The confession is a lengthy document that deals with many aspects of Christian life, such as creation, sin, worship, being human and establishes a system of church government based around a group of elders rather than one ruling leader. Read more about Presbyterianism here.

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