Sunday Gatherings

We gather at 4.00pm and 6.00pm on Sundays to pray, listen to a sermon, sing Christian songs and spend informal time together. Our sermons tend to be exegetical. This means the content comes from a careful, week-by-week study of whole books of the Bible. Occasionally sermons are structured to respond to a topic.

4.00pm Sunday Gathering

We've been meeting at 4.00 for many years. This is our largest service and it has a family focus as most of the people coming along are young families. Creche and Crossroads kids programs run during the meeting. This caters for kids from infants to age 7 and is run by screened volunteers. We sing around 5 songs a mix of classic hymns and modern songs and listen to a Bible-based sermon. The formal meeting finishes around 5.30pm with drinks and snacks afterwards.

6.00pm Sunday Gathering (Does not meet in January)

This meeting has a different feel to 4pm. Currently our 6pm gathering a quite small. People love smaller church services because of the intimacy and the ability to maintain close relationships with most people. So do we! But our vision for this is for it to grow – because this means more people have access to the life-saving gospel message. The 6pm gathering ends around 7.15pm with time to chat afterwards.

Small groups

Christians grow as they hear the Bible taught and apply it to their lives in practical ways – this happens through the main meeting but also as we live our everyday lives alongside each other. The aim for our small groups is that they be a space where we can be real, get involved and help each other grow in understanding and faith.

Small groups meet at a range of times and locations during the week. The program changes from group to group but there's Bible study, reading of Christian books, prayer for each other's friends / family, and social stuff. You're welcome to come whether you're a church partner or not. Check in with the welcoming team in the church foyer, or send us an email.

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